3 Marketing lessons from Sharknado

Ahhhh- Sharkndao…. That ultra riveting, undeniably fake monster shark series ofshark movies…
It’s like an accident, once you see it, you can’t look away. You have to continue watching just to see what craziness comes next.

Yes. I dig cheezie sci-fi movies. The cheezier the better.  And yes- I watched ALL the Sharkndo’s … multiple times.
There  are ​marketing lessons to be learned from Sharknado!

1-  If you’re going to use cheeze- The Cheezier the better.  Like we already said, undeniable fake and at the same time riveting, ultra cheeze  SELLS!  When it’s that unrealistic, we keep watching. We get sucked in by ‘what’s next?’

2- Keep ’em hanging.  At the end of each Sharknado, there was a little teaser to keep you hoping there would be another.  You can easily do that with your own marketing… a little something to let your customers wonder what will come next.

shark23-Have FUN!  Might as well have as much fun as you can with it. Take advantage of it, and bring your crazy to life. Doubly so when you can make someone laugh. –Make it memorable

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