5 ways to boost post holiday sales

It’s the middle January and we are hearing a lot of grumbling about how sales have dropped off. In many cases to nearly nothing. This isn’t an unusual phenomenon- It happens every year.

Here are 5 ways to boost revenue post holiday well into the new year. 

    Celebrate! Don’t wait for a traditional holiday like Valentine’s Day or Christmas to

Appealing displays and entryways pique curiosity and draw people in

have special sales or decorate. Start your own holiday. Tell everybody! “Hey.. we’re celebrating National one cent day” (April 1) …or Jell-O day(July12) or National Dance Day (July29)  promote it on social media.  Have fun with it! ~ Can’t think of a day? Check out the National Day Calendar for days, weeks and moths to celebrate. (One of our favorite FREE resources!)

Utilize email lists/customer records-  If you have email lists, addresses or phone numbers for your customers, start using them.  Your list can be as simple as a sign up sheet at the register, or using something like MailChimp to capture addresses. Some ideas are *mail out cards or postcards thanking them for their business. Include a percentage off coupon for future use. *Call them up and let them know you have something new and exciting *Invite them to a pre-season showing of what is coming out.

Events– Host a special event.  What kind of shop do you have? What can you do?  Perhaps a demonstration of new products, or a sip-and-shop.  How-to classes on staining wood or 10 ways to wear a scarf. How about an informational mini-class on natural supplements or oils.

Get creative! 

Co-Promotions- Collaborating with other businesses is an effective, affordable way to get more bang for your buck.  Do you make pottery? Co-promote with a local florist to use your pottery in arrangements. A stationary store could co-promote with a calligraphy artist to offer custom invitations. A café can co promote with a video rental (Dinner & a movie) or theater.

Again- be creative! 

    Re-arrange the furniture- Simply moving the furniture or freshening up the paint or creating new displays makes it look and feel as though you’ve done something more. It’s exciting and new and drives sales.  Don’t forget your entryways! 


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