Working together- FUN and Beneficial

We often talk about businesses working TOGETHER instead of against each other.

Here’s a perfect example of small town businesses working TOGETHER for mutual benefit.


Working together for a more vibrant Main Street

Ault, Colorado’s Main Street is only a few blocks long. Both sides are lined with businesses. However, this community does not have an Economic Developer or a Chamber of Commerce.

Jane & Jon Boutique , Flip-n-Vintage and JRs Antiques Etc work together often co-promoting joint events.  They also have FUN with it!  WHY? Because they know the value of cooperation and collaboration.  They are happy to share resources, and none are afraid to send a customer up the street to another business if they do not carry what the customer wants.

The success of their neighbors affects their own livelihoods.

I love the humor!

Each of these businesses carries some similar items- JR’s and Flip-n-Vintage both have antique glassware- but different specialties. They all have clothing- but different styles and some are new and some vintage.

Having an idea of what each business in your community- and not hesitating to use that knowledge-  makes for a better, stronger Main Street and makes customers, locals and visitors feel welcomed and valued.

How are YOU working with other businesses? Share your stories with us!


Katy is a motivational speaker with Tait and Kate Consulting, writer & two-lane traveler helping to enhance the economic vitality of rural communities and Main Streets.  Interested in having Katy  or Annette speak at an event?  Drop us a line and see how we can help!


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