5 benefits of sandwich-boards

You see them as you are driving down the road. In front of restaurants advertising  Today’s Special, in front of shops inviting you to come in. Sandwich-boards sign2 are designed to grab your attention in a matter of seconds.

There are 5 principle benefits to utilizing sandwich-boards.

  1. You can take them or place them anywhere. In front of your shop, at the end of the road, in the lobby. Need to head to show? No problem. Fold it up and stow it in the trunk.  No place outside your business? Or the weather is not cooperating? No problem. But it right in your entryway.  Sandwich boards enable a business to quickly set up branded advertising anywhere.
  2. Sandwich-boards are affordable. Easy to build or cheap to buy.  Make yours whatever size works best for your needs. Ask the local high school shop to make a couple for you. Often times the schools are happy to help out.
  3. They are easily customized or changed. In a snap you can erase and write a new message to suit your needs. Perfect for advertising special sales, holidays, events, customer appreciation and more.  These are a mobile signage solution that adapts

    to your specific needs.

  4. Cost effective marketing- Sandwich-boards are one of the most versitile and cost effective forms of advertising.  Many small businesses do not have a large advertising budget. Banners can rip and window signs will fade over time. Like anything else, sandwich-boards will not last forever, but they will last far longer.
  5.  Visibility-  People walk up and down the side walks all day, or drive down your street, past your business. Sandwich-boards are right in the line of sight.  Our mind naturally skips over banners and signs often. Sandwich-boards are unusual enough in our day-to-day, the we immediately notice it.


Katy is a rural and small town /small business speaker. She believes many small communities can grow from within using resources already at hand and creative strategies. Do you want Tait & Kate to come speak to your community or group? Email us at info@taitandkate.com

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