Marketing to your “Golden Geese”

Harness the power of your Golden Geese. Statistically 40% of revenue comes from repeat customers.

gooseandking-copy-310x250Most people know 10-20 people who’s opinions they trust.  And according to studies we are 4x more likely to purchase a product or service that has been referred to us by someone we trust. 

There is a term for it-  “Friend Marketing

The people who patronize your business regularly are your biggest cheerleaders. They are already out there singing your praises. They are already referring people to you.

How do you show them they are appreciated and valued? How are you getting to know them? How do you market to them?

Get to know your customers. Build relationships with them. Ask questions. Have conversations. We all love being acknowledged and feeling valued. Don’t know what to talk about?? Try using the FORD formula for ideas – Family – Occupation – Recreation – Dreams

How about sending simple thank you notes.  Even in this digital age, people still like little surprised in their mailbox. No need to wait for holidays or birthdays. (*note- Thank you notes are not essays! A simple ‘Thanks’ will do)

Or maybe sending a 5 or 10 dollar gift card in your Thank you note.. Doesn’t even have to be to your business. Does your customer enjoy coffee? Then maybe a card to the local coffeeshop is in order. Love their dog? Maybe some treats. You get the idea.

How are you harnessing the power of your Golden Geese?


Katy and Annette  are rural and small town /small business consultants, advocates & writers. They believe many small communities can grow from within using resources already at hand and creative strategies and leverage those to attract new families, businesses and customers. Do you want Tait & Kate to come speak to your community or group? Email us at

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