Sell me your town, not just a house

80.The-Reality-of-Selling-a-HomeWe are not retirement age yet, but we are actively looking for our forever retirement home. We have specific wants- We want to be in a community we can be an active part of and volunteer in, one we can find a new church family in. We want a community we can work in (if we chose)  we want one with some walkability and places to entertain the grandkids. We want a community where we know our neighbors even if we live on the edge of town and a clinic of some kind nearby.   And that’s just some of our wants. 

So HOW DO YOU KNOW if a new town you’re looking at homes in is the right place for you?? Aside from taking some time and staying there a while, you don’t.

That’s where I believe realestate agents can play a large role in community building. Often, these folks are the first point of contact for folks like us. Our search has taken us through a tri-state area. We’ve talked to a number of agents.

Best dinner around!

I’ve asked each one “What is special about _______?”

A couple agents came through with flying colors and really cheered  for their communities and surrounding.  We now know where the best fishing on local lakes in Nebraska and South Dakota is, which towns have awesome summer festivals, who makes cannoli’s, where to get clothes altered, the farm store with the best garden section and who runs the local livestock market.  We know how far it is from xyz house to Main Street in both blocks and miles.

In Wyoming the story has been much different.

Kids playing in Winchester Square

So please- sell us, all of us looking for new homes, whether we’re ‘transplants’ or have lived here forever, your town. Share with us what you love about it. Be helpful in sharing information with us. Especially if we’re coming from another town to yours. Mention that great café, or that there’s a watermelon festival today and that we may want to check it out.  If I happen to mention in casual conversation I like vintage jewelry- tell me about the 100 year old jewelry store on Main Street that specializes in it. Did you notice that hubby has a flat-top? Tell him about that wonderful barber. Are we looking at property? Maybe you know the local farrier or when the nearest livestock market is. Did we mention kids or grandkids? Maybe you can share if there is a movie theater, public pool or great parks.

Every town (small or large), community and neighborhood has something. Talk about it. We want to know.



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