What does your entryway say about you?


An entryway says so much about a building. It is space that is often overlooked, but sets the tone for what is ahead.

Did you know, according to scientific studies, it takes the human brain less than 13

Urban Indigo – Oakland CA (one of our favorite gift shops, the windows are changed regularly & are always amazing)

milliseconds to register if something is appealing and 3 full seconds to act upon it.  Have you ever walked by a store and immediately went in because something caught your eye??? That’s what we’re talking about here.

So- what does your entryway say about your business?
Is yours welcoming? Does it tell a story? Spark the imagination? Tempt you? Tell you what kind of business is in it?

Similar to the beginning chapter in a book, the entryway establishes a story that has yet to unfold.  An entryway is also a very affordable way to change a business dynamic. It is spot where risks can easily be taken, and even on a limited budget  can have a tremendous effect.

Think about the places you frequent. How do they make you feel when you enter them? Welcome? Or not so much?

We like our homes to be welcoming and inviting, our businesses should be too.





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