What small towns do so well

Our friends Tom and Kristi at SmallTownPlusSize recently reached out and asked us “From your experience, what do travelers expect to gain from visiting a small town? What do they want, look for, etc.? Why do they choose a small town over larger destinations?” Let’s expand that a bit to include “Why do people choose... Continue Reading →

Capturing post-holiday sales: 5 ways to keep the momentum going

Ahhh, the shopping frenzy that comes with the holiday season. From pre-pre-Black Friday sales to the after-Christmas clearance blow-outs, everyone is trying to entice us all to buy, buy, BUY. So you've had a good run of sales during the Christmas season.  Now what?  It is no secret that sales naturally taper off  after the... Continue Reading →

Marketing to your “Golden Geese”

Harness the power of your Golden Geese. Statistically 40% of revenue comes from repeat customers. Most people know 10-20 people who's opinions they trust.  And according to studies we are 4x more likely to purchase a product or service that has been referred to us by someone we trust.  There is a term for it- ... Continue Reading →

Working together- FUN and Beneficial

We often talk about businesses working TOGETHER instead of against each other. Here's a perfect example of small town businesses working TOGETHER for mutual benefit.   Ault, Colorado's Main Street is only a few blocks long. Both sides are lined with businesses. However, this community does not have an Economic Developer or a Chamber of... Continue Reading →

5 ways to boost post holiday sales

It's the middle January and we are hearing a lot of grumbling about how sales have dropped off. In many cases to nearly nothing. This isn't an unusual phenomenon- It happens every year. Here are 5 ways to boost revenue post holiday well into the new year. ​     Celebrate! Don't wait for a traditional holiday... Continue Reading →

Let me tell you about it

   Small towns have the best “news services” ever. If you’ve ever lived in one, you know everyone’s already heard about your embarrassing moment, practically before you even did whatever you really wish you hadn’t. You don’t even have to be from a small town -- with social media, whatever went right or wrong is... Continue Reading →

Small business, Big network

What is the value of networking? It’s not easy to put a price tag on networking, as good will, brainstorming, mentoring, lessons learned, and all the too-many-to-name benefits are freely given. (Bean counters hate that — they’re much happier with goods and services that easily translate into numbers on spreadsheets.) So — if not in dollars... Continue Reading →

Lots to Love about Lovelock

What’s so special about Lovelock? It’s a little town of about 2,500 people in the Nevada desert. Smack-dab between the “metropolis” of Fernley -- pop. 19,193, and Winnemucca, pop. 8,002, where travelers turn north to Twin Falls, Idaho. Reno/Sparks, the closest "big city," is about 90 miles west. Let me tell you -- travelers who... Continue Reading →

Stop! And shop local

  When we were kids, my dad always stressed the importance about shopping our local neighborhoods. He grew up in Roseville, California when it was still considered a small town. All the merchants knew most everybody in town, and they also knew what all the neighboring stores carried. He always said it was Okay to... Continue Reading →

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