Intentional Acts of Community

According to Webster’s Dictionary (yes, I have one on my desk) Community is ‘people living in the same area - an interacting population of various individuals in a single location’ A community can be your town, your street, your church, school, your coffee klatch, your business, rodeo family.. Whatever. Community = people. But what does... Continue Reading →

Lots to Love about Lovelock

What’s so special about Lovelock? It’s a little town of about 2,500 people in the Nevada desert. Smack-dab between the “metropolis” of Fernley -- pop. 19,193, and Winnemucca, pop. 8,002, where travelers turn north to Twin Falls, Idaho. Reno/Sparks, the closest "big city," is about 90 miles west. Let me tell you -- travelers who... Continue Reading →

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