Working together- FUN and Beneficial

We often talk about businesses working TOGETHER instead of against each other. Here's a perfect example of small town businesses working TOGETHER for mutual benefit.   Ault, Colorado's Main Street is only a few blocks long. Both sides are lined with businesses. However, this community does not have an Economic Developer or a Chamber of... Continue Reading →

A Main Street Summit- Small town style

Who says small towns don't have anything to offer? Certainly not us! For years, we have championed small towns across North Dakota and beyond.   We had nominated Regan- pop 44- as a Main Street Community over a year ago. (Regan is where part of our farm is)   And... Drum Roll.... The Governors office called and said they would LIKE... Continue Reading →

5 Shop Small tips for you

  The holidays and Shop Small Saturday are right around the corner. SMS has been an amazing boost for many small businesses thanks to American Express. (You can sign up for free customize-able marketing materials) But "Shop Small" doesn't have to be a one day event. You can encourage people to visit your store or... Continue Reading →

#1 reason to update your social media

Customers. Plain and simple- Customers are the number one reason to update your business in  Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on. I am not a social media guru, but as a frequent traveler, I use it quite often to plot and plan.   This week I traveled to well known small town in western NorthDakota. I checked... Continue Reading →

Stop on in and set a spell

It’s that time of year again -- time to put on our tourist glasses and take a good hard look at where we live. What are the best things about your rural town? And what do you wish would just disappear? Like mama always used to tell us, put your best foot forward! One of... Continue Reading →

Rural banking and you- 6 reasons to keep it local

Small town and community banks are fabulous!   In these days of bank consolidations, many of our neighborhood and small town banks are going away -- disappearing quickly into the world of anonymous, faceless, and dispassionate corporate-ness This in itself is tough on rural customers. As our local financial institutions become absorbed by larger banks, our... Continue Reading →

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