The rise and fall of rural communities -One of the many reasons how and why

The rise and fall of rural communities: Just one of many reasons how and why A good friend recently forwarded this article to Katy: “The secret to keeping some rural businesses alive”  by Chris Farrell (Forbes)  with the note, ‘It sounds like you!’ After reading it, we decided it does sound much like things we talk about. ... Continue Reading →

What if YOU were ‘the one’?

  One is a tiny number, right? Like when we hear fire claimed “only one” structure in our county last year, or that “just one” person had to be extricated from a car wreck. In those terms, things don’t sound all that bad. But what if it was YOUR structure that burned to the ground,... Continue Reading →

How many of the 8’s do you have?

It’s officially tourist season -- time to put on our “ready for company” faces and get ready for visitors!   Every  community has at least eight things that, with a little bit of creativity, can tempt travelers to stop and spend some time – and some money – in your town. You may not have... Continue Reading →

5 Shop Small tips for you

  The holidays and Shop Small Saturday are right around the corner. SMS has been an amazing boost for many small businesses thanks to American Express. (You can sign up for free customize-able marketing materials) But "Shop Small" doesn't have to be a one day event. You can encourage people to visit your store or... Continue Reading →

Let me tell you about it

   Small towns have the best “news services” ever. If you’ve ever lived in one, you know everyone’s already heard about your embarrassing moment, practically before you even did whatever you really wish you hadn’t. You don’t even have to be from a small town -- with social media, whatever went right or wrong is... Continue Reading →

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